Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Treats for Hinamatsuri

Yesterday (March 3rd) was Hinamatsuri or Girls Day, a Japanese traditional holiday when we celebrate girls and wish them good health and happiness. Here is the card I put together to send to our granddaughter.

Finally had the chance to try out Karen Burniston's Triple Flip die which I got on sale last year. I decided to use three different kokeshi images from Kokolo Designs on Etsy for the three flaps on the front of my card, rendering them into cut files for paper piecing in Make the Cut design program. I used the fill in and print and cut features for their kimonos and  mini punches from Punch Bunch for the tiny cherry blossoms and leaves in their hair.

Here's the fun part of this card: when you pull on the tab on the right with the arrow, the three front flaps open simultaneously, to display what's on the other side of the flaps as well as under the first flap.

The entire interactive triple flip panel was adhered to a side opening card where I added our sentiment inside. I really liked that this was a pretty easy and fun card to put together. I did have a few issues with "catch points" on the flaps which caused two of the flaps not to open, but I was able to easily remedy this by trimming away a sliver from the right edge of the flaps.

For friends and family, I put a dozen of these boxes together to hold some chichi dango mochi treats.

I got the original template and cutting file for this box called "Slide Box with Snowflake", designed by Pebbles In My Pocket from the Lori Whitlock Store. For my box, I swapped out the snowflake on the original template for a cherry blossom, and enlarged it from a 3 inch square box to one that was about 4-1/2 inch square.

The slits in the center of the cherry blossoms creates the slide closure on the front of the box and a tab closure keeps the remaining two sides of the box in tact. A clean and simple design, and I really like the rounded curved edges.

Here's the mochi that was wrapped in decorative waxed papers and packed in mini bento containers before putting them into the slide boxes. Aren't the hinamatsuri stickers adorable? Stickers and pretty waxed papers were both purchased from "Celebrations" a local Japanese gift and packaging store in Honolulu. Hope everyone had a fun time celebrating Girls Day this year!

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Lynn said...

Oh my, I totally forgot about Girl's Day. I guess because I only have sons and grandsons sons, I tend to forget that March 3rd is a special day in Japanese culture. I love the treat boxes. They remind me of the type of boxes that the fancy mochi stores in Ala Moana Center and Kahala Mall use. The flap card is a good idea. I'll look for the die as it seems like a very useful one. Thanks for sharing your well crafted projects and giving me new ideas.