Thursday, October 31, 2019

Haunted House Pop Corn Boxes and Other Scary Treats

Happy Halloween! As promised, I'm back to share the very last minute Halloween treats I put together for my "ghoul" friends this year.

I wanted to make some Cheetos/Bugles/Fritos snack mix for Halloween again this year so I knew I needed to make some sort of popcorn style box to be large enough to hold the snack mix. In case you're wondering, this seemingly disgusting combination of unhealthy snack foods crusted with a buttery, sugary, salty coating (aka "Hawaiian Crack Mix") is hard to stop eating once you get started! The recipe for it, if you dare try it, is here: Nibbles Sweet Party Mix ... BEWARE! Highly Addictive!

I came across several cute Frankenstein, Mummy and Dracula decorated popcorn boxes online, but thought this haunted house popcorn box designed by Cori George of Hey Let's Make Stuff was super cool. Best part is that this svg cutting file is a freebie!

Cori designed her haunted house panels to fit around a 6 inch high World Market Popcorn Box like a sleeve. I tweeked her file a bit by enlarging the file to as large as would fit onto two 12x12 sheets of cardstock, and added a bottom panel make the sleeve into a box. Once all the panels were cut on the Silhouette, assembling the boxes was pretty quick. Boxes were lined with orange tissue and I had enough snack mix to fill ten haunted houses. I even had enough leftovers to keep my "goblin" at home happy!

Now take a look at all the fabulous Halloween treats I received from my dear sweet friend, Lorna! I especially loved the fancy personalized gift bag with the intricate rhinestone studded spider web. that held all of these fun handmade goodies she put together...

Kawaii stealth ninja warrior treat holders and ...

an adorable candy holder decorated with a cutest little paper pieced bat! Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!

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Lynn said...

Holy Crunchy Cow! Those tray boxes are outstanding and make the crunchy snack look even more eye-a-peeling! Gonna try that recipe.