Saturday, June 24, 2017

First Fathers Day

My son in law celebrated his very first Fathers Day last weekend so I wanted to send a card letting him know how very special he is. When I saw the new Instacube cards at the Lori Whitlock shop, I knew it would make a perfect card for him.

Lori Whitlock's Instacube cards are so super COOL! These cubes are rubberband activated...they fold flat to slide into a sleeve for giving, then...POP! open into a cube when pulled out of the sleeve. Totally LOVE THIS!

Decided to make this card extra special by using photos of my son in law and our new granddaughter to decorate the sides of the cube.

I added a poppa and baby bear paper piecing to the front panel and our sentiment to the back panel of the cube. Lori's original file creates a 2-1/2 inch cube, but I enlarged the file slightly to get a 3 inch cube since I was having difficulty getting my paper piecings and cropped photos to fit.

Folded flat, the cube easily slides into it's sleeve, ready to pop back into a cube when removed. Ah! A new favorite card to make! LOL, I've already done a few more of these (so fun to make!) and will share in the weeks to come.

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Lynn said...

Oh! That is so precious. The fact that it folds up flat makes it even more unique. I love visiting your blog because you never fail to impress me.