Friday, January 12, 2018

Baby's First New Years Day

It was my granddaughter's FIRST New Years Day, so... yup! I made her a special card. New Years Day is pretty much a big thing in our family, probably just as big as Christmas, and it's a little sad that we're not always able to spend those times with everyone we care about. I sent little Evie this card to let her know we were thinking of her and how much we miss her.

Since Evie's still very young, I've been trying to keep our cards to her very simple. This card style, the Simple Box or Squash Box card was taught to us many moons ago by fellow craft club member, Aileen, but this was the first time I attempted one since that time. There are many good video tutorials on how this card is put together. I watched and used the video tutorial by Frenchie Stamps as a springboard to create my card. I made a few alterations, decreasing the depth of the card to be just 1 inch, and added panels to the front closure of the card.

I covered the back inside panel of the box with gold foil cardstock embossed using the sakura folder from Cuttlebugs's Asian Bundle. Then I added a paper pieced emblem designed in Make the Cut design program of a child wearing a doggie costume.

And yup, I attached the emblem to the inside using a wobbler! I wanted the emblem inside to pop up as a surprise element when the box is opened, so I stacked two wobblers, one on top of the other to get enough height to achieve the effect I was going for. I found that stacking the two smaller ends of the wobblers together and using the two larger ends to attach to the emblem and onto the inside of the box worked out the best.

Here's a side view to show how I added the extra panels covered with washi paper to the front so it would look like panels of a screen door.

 The sides of the box fold in to allow the box to collapse flat.

I slipped on a belly band and medallion with the Japanese kanji character for "dog" to keep the box in it's collapsed position so it could easily be mailed.

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Shirley N said...

This is soooo precious, Eunice. I bet Evie was excited seeing her very 1st NY card--especially when it wobbled! She's lucky to have such a talented grannie!