Monday, March 9, 2015

Girls Day Sakura Petal Boxes

Uh, oh! It's only March, and already I'm slipping behind on all my projects and blog posts...YIKES! I suppose part of the reason is that Valentines Day, Chinese New Year and Girls Day were all less than a week apart this year. That, and me not being able to come up with any creative ideas...I was especially stumped on what to do for Girls Day this year. Then I remembered some cute petal boxes I had seen a while back and recalled wanting to try them as sakura petal boxes. Searching online, I came across a few usable templates, but they were all four petal (square), six petal (hexagon) or eight petal (octogon) boxes. For a sakura, I needed a FIVE petal (pentagon) box. Desperate and running out of time, I finally came to the realization that I'd have to come up with my own template...UGH!
Tracing the template I found for a six petal box into MTC, I removed one of the panels to make it a five sided box, then created a pentagon shape for the box bottom. worked!
The individual petals of the sakura were also created in MTC by doing some pixel editing to separate the petals on a sakura image I had previously saved.
Various sized sakura and flower center punches were used to decorate the sides of the box...
and paper pieced kokeshi was created in MTC using a kokeshi head image found online and pairing it with the kokeshi body from Jin's (Under A Cherry Tree blog) freebie Kyoto Kuties cutting file.
Here's what the box looks like when it's open. I was able to finish ten of these just in the nick of time, and filled them with Japanese mochi candies.
Finished them off by bagging in cellophane...
And adding a fun topper.

Girls Day (March 3rd) isn't a major holiday but I always enjoy making a little something to share with friends. Brings back lots of warm memories of my daughter growing up and even of my own childhood.


Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Wowie Eunice. These are SUPER cute. You are like a craft engineer to make your own template for the 5 petal treat boxes. Even the sakura DP for the package label is perfect. You amaze me by how you tie so many elements into your theme. Have a fun and crafty week.

Leanne said...

Whoa!! These are amazing!! It must have been so much putting these together after you figured out how to make the adjustments. These are gorgeous! Perfect for Girls Day or any special occasion for that matter. You're awesome!! Have a great day!!