Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Having Fun with Vinyl

Thought the Pucca cut looked so cute on Patti's card that I decided to try a few more of her, this time in vinyl. Found an image of Pucca with her boyfriend, Garo that I liked and rendered it into a cutfile in MTC. Unfortunately my stash of vinyl is limited to only a few basic colors so Pucca and Garo's faces had to be very very pink!
 Adhered them to a plastic scrapbook supply case and personalized it with Patti's name...
 Also tried the same Pucca and chopsticks image that I used on Patti's card in vinyl and adhered her onto a clear red acrylic cup. I used Oracal 651 and Scotchcal 220 vinyl for my projects since these are permanent vinyls which differ from most of the vinyls typically sold in scrapbooking stores which are usually only intended for "indoor use".  The permanent vinyls have a more durable adhesive on them which can withstand higher temperatures and detergents and therefore are more suitable for cars, windows, cups and food storage items that need to be washed.
Having successfully finished Patti's cup and case, I was feeling pretty confident and decided I was ready to try a more "permanent" project...decorating my netbook!  I had been wanting to do this for quite a while but was always too afraid that I'd mess up...LOL, everything else can be dumped if I made a mistake, but I wouldn't be able to throw away my netbook...!
 I started by drawing an image of my doggie Latte...just couldn't find a cute image of a Maltese that I liked so finally decided to draw my own...and saved it as a jpeg image. Used MTC (Make the Cut) to render it into a cutfile and had my Silhouette Cameo do the cut in vinyl. Happily it turned out just as I hoped...it brings a smile to my heart and reminds me of my little doggie everytime I use my netbook!
 And finally, here's a pic of our little Latte (minus her top knot)...haven't posted a photo of her in quite awhile, but she's the reason for the white doggie you see in many of my card projects created for dh and dd.


Anonymous said...

Great projects. Thanks for sharing Jo4Him

Creations by Patti said...

YOU are a master at making these fun and unique projects. I love all these useful and unique projects that have been personalized just for me!!!! You are always so thoughtful! Thanks so much and know each and everything is being used. I am lucky to be the recipient of your creativity.
hugs, Patti

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! How did you draw the doggie? (on paper, or digitally?) I would love to draw my cats and cut them. Beautiful work!!

eunice said...

Reply to "Anonymous": I did the drawing freehand the traditional way with paper and pencil, re-traced with a black sharpie, then scanned and saved onto my computer as a jpeg image.