Sunday, December 5, 2021

Thanksgiving Treats

I'm a week late, but I thought I should post these Thanksgiving projects before I get too wrapped up in Christmas stuff and forget. As much as I love Thanksgiving, for some reason I always fall behind and struggle to create anything fun to share with others for this holiday. Luckily, I have two crafty friends who are on the ball and always have a creative RAK to share for Thanksgiving.

This sweet Thanksgiving bendi card was created and sent to me by my dear friend Bev. I think this is the very first bendi card I've ever received and I love it! Bendi cards are especially fun because the recipient gets to play a part in putting it together to create a neat three dimensional display style card.


My super creative friend Lorna came up with this sweet treat box which she filled with my favorite candies. I thought her paper pieced roasted turkey and pumpkin pie were adorable; and I really liked how she added a cute seasonal kokeshi stamped image from Dandelion Designs to adorn her treat holder.

I was feeling a little guilty because I knew I was behind schedule and didn't have time to put a Thanksgiving card together for our 4 year old granddaughter this year. A week before Thanksgiving, I came across a post by a member of Dreaming Tree's Facebook group about how she had cut out a paper pieced turkey and sent it unassembled to her grandson for a fun Thanksgiving craft project. What a brilliant idea, right? I didn't have time to come up with a fun interactive card, but I knew I'd have time to cut the pieces for a paper pieced turkey and send to our granddaughter to assemble herself.  I also adhered a simple folding frame to the back of the base piece so turkey could stand up for display once it was completed. Prior to mailing, I snapped step by step shots for assembly instructions to include with the turkey pieces.

Happily, it turns out she had a great time putting her turkey together.

Only problem, I'm told was that "It was too easy" and to "Please make the next one more challenging"!

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Lynn said...

The bendi card is cool and new to me too. Your granddaughter must be crafty like you. She did a fabulous job on that turkey. It looked difficult to me.