Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter Treats

Happy Easter! I hope everyone is enjoying Easter Sunday with dear friends and family. I always have fun putting together little treats for sharing with friends during Easter.

This year my favorite Lindt Gold Bunnies, Chicks and Lambs were rather scarce at the stores in my area.  Luckily I bought a few packs early in March when I first saw them at the store. But by the time I finally got around to creating the cutting file for these "sugar egg" displays in April, these little Gold Bunnies were nowhere to be found. I did make 15 of these but really would have liked to make more.

I also put together  several of these fun bunny candy dispenser boxes. 

I used the cutting file for the Monster Treat Dispenser box from My Scrap Chick to create an Easter bunny version of the candy dispenser box. After experimenting with a few other templates for similar dispenser type boxes, I found that the mechanics and engineering of the box design from My Scrap Chick (in terms of ease of opening the flap and sturdiness) was the best. Cute bunny face and feet cutting files are from the Lori Whitlock Store.

My third Easter treat box was made to hold my mini Pizzelle cookies. Would you believe these bunny boxes were originally intended to be lollipop holders? I used My Scrap Chick's Bunny Lollipop holder cutting file and enlarged it to be large enough so my Pizzelles could peek through bunny's tummy where the lollipop normally would. I then added a 2-1/2 inch gusset to each side so the box would be wide enough to hold half a dozen cookies. I had just enough time to make two batches of cookies and 15 bunny boxes to share with friends and family.

For our Easter card for our Granddaughter, I just couldn't resist using Karen Burniston's Spinner Square Pop Up die yet again.

As the card is opened, the panel with the paper pieced bunny pops forward and another little bunny peeks out from behind to add a colorful Easter egg to the basket.

So how FUN is that! At first I was feeling a little guilty because I had used the same spinner square pop up die to make her Girls Day card last month... but then again, I figured our little granddaughter probably wouldn't mind too much... LOL! Happy Easter, everyone!

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Lynn said...

Gosh! Those are the cutest and most unique goodie holders and Easter card! You are the master of paper engineering. I am so in awe of your skills!