Saturday, June 9, 2018

Monthly Baby Birthday Tags

This is a little project I started and committed myself to soon after our granddaughter was born last year. Being that she and her parents live many miles and an ocean away we don't get to spend much time with her and spoil her as much as we'd like to. So hubby and I decided we would send her a little package for each of her monthly birthdays for the first year of her life. To go along with each package, I made birthday tags to celebrate each month.

I kept the shape and size of all the tags are the same, but each was embellished differently. Sometimes I tried to correspond the tag theme with the season or a holiday for that particular month. I added a heart shaped label with the birthday month printed on each tag, and you may have noticed that the number of the month also coincides with the number of one of the embellishments on the tags. Two elephants for 2 months, three giraffes for 3 months and so on. LOL, notice as the month number increased, the embellishments had to get smaller and smaller so I could get them all to fit!

 It's so true what they say about babies growing up too fast! Especially during the first year of life, the number of changes babies  go through from month to month is pretty amazing. It seemed like every month there was something new little Evie had learned to do.

Thinking that these tags will probably be saved as baby keepsakes I took the time each month to pen a special personal message to our granddaughter on the backof the tags about the new things she had learned to do and how much she is loved and missed. I think this might be a neat thing for her later on in life when she is old enough to read them herself.


Lynn said...

Oh what beautiful and meaningful tags! You are a wonderful, crafty grandmother. I hope I can be as clever and diligent as you after my grandsons are born. Thank you for inspiring me to do something crafty for my grandchildren throughout the year!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely idea, Eunice. The tags are beautiful.
I'm sure your daughter will save them so Evie can see them when she's older.

Jessie Adams

Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

What a great idea Eunice. I love it. All of your tags are so beautiful and surely precious keepsakes. Your daughter can show them to her when she's older and Evie know how special she is and loved.