Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!

It's here! Halloween, that is. Made some fun little cauldron treat holders for giving out this year... but unfortunately I only had time to make half a dozen of these. We just got home from vacation and  I really had to scramble to put something together for Halloween. Thank goodness these were pretty quick to do!
Got the cutting file for the cauldron template from  the Feeling Lucky kit from SVGCuts. It's originally intended to be a "Pot of Gold" treat holder for St. Patrick's Day, but designer/creator Mary Rudakas suggested it would work as a cauldron for Halloween too. So that's what I did! Just did a little tweaking... The original pot was easy to assemble but looked just a bit too "blocky" for my liking so I added a petal layer over it to give my cauldrons a more rounded look. Also enlarged the template to fit onto a 12 x 12 inch make sure I could get those witchy legs to fit inside! The cutting file for those funny witchy legs comes from Miss Kate Cuttables.

Bagged my Halloween cauldrons in cellophane and added a funny topper to finish...

And now...the GOOD STUFF! Look at all the Halloween goodies I scored...LOL, and I didn't even go TRICK or TREATING! 

My sweet and crafty GHOUL-friend Lorna treated me with a bag of handmade goodies! Here's her candy filled spider box created using her candy box punch board. Totally LOVE how she very cleverly hung the smaller spider over the top!

And even more spooky treats from Lorna! These little surprises feature stamps from Dandelion adorable the way she added jack-o-lanterns and witches hats, then colored them up in Frankenstein green, adding scars to their faces for Halloween. 

And from my super baker GHOUL-friend, Heather...the CUTEST decorated shortbread mini cookies ever! I know, I know...too CUTE to eat, right? But let me tell you, they're SUPER yummy too!

Last, our furbaby's Halloween costume this EWOK Latte! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend of spookiness...keep safe and have fun!

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Jadams said...

Love your cauldron with the witch legs and how you packaged it.

You sure got lots of goodies...enjoy!