Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Paper Pieced Girls Day

Today, March 3rd, is Girls Day or Hina Matsuri in Japan. This year I decided I would finally try to re-create the Hello Kitty/Dear Daniel version of the Girls Day dolls that I've been wanting to do for a very long time. Sigh...and now I know why I had been putting this project off...I really struggled creating the cutfile for this one. Ran into a major snag trying to create the cutfile for Dear Daniel, but thanks to the wonderful experts over at Make-the-Cut forum, I finally got it fixed.
Used my new cutfile to make an easel card to send to my daughter. Took me so long to create this file that I had to do more than just one card with it...
So I cut and pieced together a few more sets and made treat boxes filled with Japanese Yokumoku cookies. These were fun to put together so I was very sad that I ran out of time before I could make more...
And now comes the best part of this post...the oh so fabulous goodies created by my uber talented friends, Lorna and Kris!
Honestly, these two gals are just so darned crazy creative and talented!
Okay, so you literally had to pick me off the floor when my dear friend Lorna presented me with this AMAZING Girls Day doll set, encased in its own little doll case. Lorna used Dandelion Design's new Kokeshi Doll Head stamps to make her dolls. Their bodies are triangular shaped boxes to which she added obis (sashes) and draped with washi paper for their kimonos. She even added a gold fan and a beautiful screen made from cardstock and more washi paper as a backdrop behind the dolls.
Here's a view of the doll case from the top. Yup, she even made that! ...out of clear plastic acetate and cardstock. Everything about this is beautifully and neatly pieced together!
Now slide off the case and inside, you'll find that the base is actually a box filled with treats! How neat is that! This wonderful handmade gift is one I definitely will treasure for years to come...I actually collect Girls Day Doll sets, so this really has a special place in my heart. Thank you, Lorna!
And here are two more dolls created by Lorna! These Hi-Chew Kokeshi Candy holders also have heads stamped using Dandelion Designs Kokeshi Head stamps. Their lovely red kimonos are embossed with cherry blossoms and tied with washi obis...kawaii!!!!
This beautiful blue tote was a gift from my sweet friend and crafting buddy, Kris. Here you see the front and back views. See the pretty anime girl dressed in her kimono? You must take a closer look!
Awww...isn't she adorable? Believe it or not, this lovely girl was painstakingly pieced together using shapes entirely from paper punches! Various sizes of circle, oval, sun, sakura, and maple leaf punches...WOW! Imagine the patience it must take to punch out all those tiny pieces, shape them, and adhere them in just the right place! Truly a work from the heart...thank you so much, Kris!
I know I always say this, but I must say it again...I am truly blessed to have such thoughtful, sharing, and incredibly creative friends. Happy Girls Day! Spend the day letting the little girl (young or old) in your life know how special she is!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is "Wow!"

PJ(Jessie Adams)

Creations by Patti said...

Your HK creation is SO adorable!!!! I know, lots of work is very rewarding in the end!!! Looks great so pat yourself a few times on the back. LOVE all the other creations, too made by both friends. Simply great. hugs, P