Monday, November 8, 2021

Golf Shutter Card

I'm always looking for new ideas for golf themed cards to make for hubby so  I was excited when I came across this Golf Shutter Card designed by Cyndy Gustashaw of My Scrap Chick

Shutter or Magic Iris cards are probably one of the funnest interactive cards to receive. As the lever on the right side of the card is pulled down...

The center shutter or iris of the golf ball opens up to reveal a message.

Although the interactive element of  this type of card is fascinating, admittedly it was a bit fiddly to assemble. After a few practice runs I knew I would have to add some strength by using a double layer of cardstock for all the working pieces of the mechanism to ensure the iris would open and close smoothly. I should also mention that I used Cuttlebug's Tiny Bubbles embossing folder on the pieces of the iris to give the golf ball a cool dimpled texture but that may have created some of the resistance causing the need for the extra reinforcement of the mechanism.

I kept the inside of the card simple by using a golf course background printed at 60% tint and adding the birthday sentiment, using Aloha Summer font. 
This was my first time working with this style of shutter/magic iris card. Although initially I ran into some difficulty getting the mechanism on this card to work smoothly, hubby loved his birthday card so much that I guess I will be playing around with it a bit more so I can get better at putting this together. I am hoping to one day try this with a camera shaped card,

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  1. Oh, you did a fine job with the iris opening card. Love the texture on the ball. I know what you mean about the moving mechanism. I use the LF dies to make mine but admittedly I've been only somewhat satisfied. After the holidays I will try to improve my iris cards by inspecting the sample card I was given. You make amazing cards for your hubby. He's a lucky guy.


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