Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Simple "Just Because" Card

You know how excited crafters can get when their kids do crafty stuff...well, I'm no different. When I recently learned that my daughter had suddenly taken an interest in the latest crafty craze of decorating planners, I got all excited. I know this sounds silly but I got so excited that I went out shopping for all sorts of cute stamps, stickers, washi and decorative tapes to send her so as to fuel her interest in her new hobby. And of course with all the goodies I had to send a card, right? I guess it's called a "Thinking of You" or "Just Because" occasion, no reason...just because...

Wanted to mail the goodies out right away so had to keep the card quick and simple. I used the Cuddly Critter Koala cutting file from Cuddly Cute Designs...and by using black cardstock to cut his ears, eyes and arms and legs, I changed him to look more like a cutie panda instead of a koala! Then I added a little banner for him to hold by creating the flags in Make the Cut, adding the letters, and stringing them onto some embroidery floss.

Then on the inside, the cute and simple sentiment that explains the missing letter on panda's banner...
Later my daughter told me how she sadly searched the envelope her card came in for the missing "U", thinking it had fallen off...until she read the sentiment inside. Yes, dear daughter...I'm sadly missing "U" too!


  1. Love that card...wonderfully playful. You have a creative mind and a talent for using it. Your daughter must have been super happy with the surprise gift.

  2. Hello,
    i just spend two ours looking at you blog posts . OMG what beautiful thing you make .
    Thanks for sharing .
    Big hug from Belgium


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